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The Order of the Recorder (for Kids 7-12)

The Order of Recorder

This class is a great way for kids to get a jump-start as they begin music classes at school, or to explore their musical interests and further their abilities. In this class, the soprano recorder will be used to introduce children to music, the instrument and the musical skills necessary to be musically successful. Children will learn how to use their musical ears, play a variety of tunes and understand music in all its wonders. 8 week course, Jan 25th start, 2:30-3:30pm $136, ($156 non).

Nadia Lemaire

Nadia Lemaire

Having come from a musical family, Nadia was introduced to music at a very young age. However, her passion for music was truly born at the age of 10, when she fell in love with the flute and the musical world. Nadia is now completing a Bachelors of Music degree with a specialization in education from the University of Ottawa.

Group Recorder for Adults – Starts Jan 27th at 11am


This class offers adults and seniors an introduction to playing the soprano recorder and will also give you a chance to play other types of recorders as we venture into ensemble playing. Learn recorder techniques, fingerings, and how to play a variety of tunes from classical to celtic. 8 Week Course, 11am-12pm, starts Monday Jan 27th, $136 Members, ($156 Non) GRA14.01B1

Dave Schryer


David is a graduate of The Berklee School of music and has been teaching at The Ottawa Folklore Centre for over twenty years. He has played in many pop and jazz bands, and has extensive classical repertoire as well. David teaches a wide range of styles including classical, jazz, electric, British folk, fingerpicking, as well […]

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