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Matt Aston

Matt Aston

Matt Aston B. MUS, a native of Ottawa, has been an active performer since 1996 and a teacher for over ten years. As well as the in-depth musical education Aston received while studying performance at Carleton University, Matt has actively sought out a wide range of styles and approaches to the drum set. This search has lead to further study with world-class teachers in Toronto and New York City.

Friday Featured E-Store Item: RB Kids Drum Kit

Kids Drum Kit - Metallic Wine Red

If you think your child was Born To Be Wild and is ready to take the next Step(penwolf) in their musical journey, check out the RB Kids Drum Kit. It may be small in stature, but it’s definitely big in sound. We’ve even seen some grown-up buskers use this portable kit for street performances. It includes bass, snare & tom drums, a cymbal, bass pedal, drum stool and a pair of sticks.

Super Cool Thing of the Day: RB Kids Drum Kit

RB Kids Drum Kit

This kids drum kit is small in stature, but it’s big in sound. It includes bass, snare & tom drums, a cymbal, bass pedal, drum stool and a pair of sticks. Available in black and metallic wine red.

Don Gibbons

Don Gibbons

Don Gibbons began his professional musical career in 1967, touring extensively in Eastern Canada and the northeastern United States for 5 years, centering out of Toronto Ontario and Detroit Michigan.

Liam Smith

Liam Smith

Liam comes to us with a strong background in drum rudiments and technical study from Montreal where he also pursued 4 years of audio training at the RAC’s Audio Engineering program. He has managed bands as well as performed regularly with funk bands, reggae, rock and blues.

Intro to Cuban Percussion (start date moved to Jan 29)

Don Gibbons

Join OFC Drum Kit and Percussion teacher Don Gibbons for an eight week Introduction to Cuban Percussion. In this class, participants will learn to play  Chachacha in a percussion ensemble utilizing Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Guiro, Claves, Chacha bell and Iya, with the goal of eventually playing along with the Santana song Oye Como Va, a […]

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  • 1 Jan 2015 OFC School of Music - Ottawa Folklore Centre School of Music
  • 1 Jan 2015 Winter 2015 Programming is Coming… - Ottawa Folklore Centre School of Music
  • 11 Jan 2015 Play O Canada at an Ottawa 67’s Game - Arthur McGregor

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Friday Featured E-Store Item

Friday Featured E-Store Item: Washburn B7 Banjo Package Holiday Banjo Pack

This is a great package for anyone looking for a banjo. The Washburn B7 openback banjo has an unusually warm and balanced tone. It’s a lightweight, no frills banjo that’s perfect for beginners and also as a travel instrument. It features a geared 5th string tuner, which makes for easier and more accurate tuning, coated Remo Weatherking head, cast aluminum tone ring, frailing scoop and a chrome standard tailpiece.


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