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Alex Moxon

Alex Moxon

Alex Moxon is a professional guitarist based in Ottawa. Though his greatest love has always been jazz music, Alex enjoys listening to and performing in as many styles as possible. That fact is plain to see: he’s clocked many hours in the studio on rock, folk, jazz, fusion, afrobeat, big band, and funk recordings. Alex […]

Catriona Sturton

Catriona Sturton

Catriona Sturton has been playing the harmonica for 19 years and got her start as a teenager in Ottawa, studying from Larry “The Bird” Mootham. She has given workshops for libraries, folk festivals and universities across Canada.  Catriona has studied harmonica in New Orleans, Mississippi, Indiana and Port Hope.

Salah Adam

Meet Salah Adam, our new hand drum (djembe) instructor at the Ottawa Folklore Centre

  Salah has fostered a love for music and percussion from a very young age.  His exposure to world music has shaped his own style of percussion playing, particularly in his specialization of djembe, conga, and drums.  As a hand and drum kit percussionist of many acts and local bands, including Afrobeat Project and Nile […]

Ann Downey

Augusta Sun Banjo

Ann Downey, a long-time Ottawa musician, started playing on her brother’s banjo at sixteen, and found her way to Appalachian style clawhammer banjo by age twenty. Shortly thereafter, she won first place in an Austin Friends of Traditional Music Old-Time Banjo contest. She enjoys standard old-time banjo tunes, and less standard ones as well (“you […]

Lisa Goodnough


Lisa Goodnough holds a Bachelor of Music, Honors Degree from Carleton University. This bubbly musician has been studying and performing vocally for nearly 15 years. Lisa’s knowledge ranges from classical to popular. Being classically trained she likes to emphasize the importance of fundamentals to all her students; having them understand that learning these fundamentals will […]

Michael Grewal

Michael G

Michael is a classically trained pianist who also shares an interest in rock, pop, blues and jazz genres. He began formal piano and music theory lessons with the Royal Conservatory of Music at the age of 11 in Toronto, and during this time he joined concert and jazz bands within the school. Michael then moved […]

Connor McGuire


Connor McGuire was raised by super intelligent bears who were able to play Elvis Presley records for him in their cave.  He possesses an inordinate amount of knowledge regarding electronics, Russian history, and Randy Bachman.  When he isn’t teaching his son Finn how to scoop honey from a jar, Connor is creating acoustic arrangements of […]

Ken Kanwisher


Ken has been a full-time musician since he graduated from Humber College’s music program in the seventies. His work as a bassist is well known in his hometown of Ottawa and he is one of the first call musicians in town. He has played upright jazz bass with a who’s who of Ottawa talent as […]

Joel Jacques

Joel Jacques Ukulele Extraordinaire at the Ottawa Folklore Centre

Multi instrumentalist Joel Jacques has been an avid Ukulele enthusiast  for a long time. Always one for hauling out the guitar and making music for others to sing to, Joel has always been attracted to the “make music now” aspect of the Ukulele. His not-so-guilty fascination with the instrument began over a decade ago when […]

Tim Gallop


Tim has been involved with music most of his life and began his first formal training on Accordian and spent many happy hours jamming with his dad; his first musical mentor. After switching over to piano he began experimenting with songwriting and developing his singing voice. Later, in his twenties, his passion for jazz led […]

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