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Joel Jacques

Joel Jacques Ukulele Extraordinaire at the Ottawa Folklore Centre

Multi instrumentalist Joel Jacques has been an avid Ukulele enthusiast  for a long time. Always one for hauling out the guitar and making music for others to sing to, Joel has always been attracted to the “make music now” aspect of the Ukulele. His not-so-guilty fascination with the instrument began over a decade ago when […]

Tim Gallop


Tim has been involved with music most of his life and began his first formal training on Accordian and spent many happy hours jamming with his dad; his first musical mentor. After switching over to piano he began experimenting with songwriting and developing his singing voice. Later, in his twenties, his passion for jazz led […]

Marc Seguin

Marc Seguin

Marc Seguin has been playing Blues Harmonica (or Blues Harp) for twenty years. He began discovering the blues in the late 80′s, by sneaking into blues jams at local clubs in his home town of Windsor, Ontario. Soon after he took harmonica lessons from Kelly Hoppe (from “Big Surgar” fame) and formed his first band, […]

Paul Hornbeck

Paul Hornbeck

Paul Hornbeck has been playing clawhammer banjo for some 40 years. During that period, his musical career has gone all the way from oblivion to obscurity. He has been a member of such groups as Sweet Evening Breeze, J.P. Ringwort, The Yellow Snow Stringband, and others too fleeting or feckless to mention. In his younger days, he performed, alone and with various accomplices, at numerous coffee houses in Ontario and Quebec, and at the Mariposa Folk Festival, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and the Leacock Humor Festival.

Eileen Chang

Eileen Chang

Eileen has a B.A. in Piano performance from the U of Saskatchewan. She has been a performer and teacher for the past 10 years. She specializes in RCM up to grade 9, in sight singing, ear training, theory, rhythm, history and musical styles. She teaches mainly kids starting at age 5.

Robert (Zeek) Gross

Robert Gross

Zeek is a highly respected Sax player in Ottawa and beyond. He has been performing for over 35 years , mainly with Blues and R+B bands, and has been nominated many times for Horn Player of the Year by the Maple Blues awards. We’re very lucky to have such a talented player teaching here at […]

Milena Kurktchiyska

Milena Kurktchiyska

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, to the family of the prominent Bulgarian composer Krassimir Kurktchiysky, Milena began her music education at the age of four with the piano, later switching to flute. She is a graduate of Sofia Music High School, the Bulgarian National Music Academy, and the University of Ottawa where she studied with Professor […]

Dan Grewal

Dan Grewal

Daniel has been playing music since he was 12 and started as a sax player in school. As he aged, his music taste matured and Daniel moved to the low end, picking up the bass. While attending Carleton University he joined various blues, funk, and rock bands and made is way into Ottawa’s music scene. […]

Jessamyn Greene

Jessamyn Greene

Jessamyn Greene is a kind and patient teacher who loves working with beginner adults and kids alike. She is a fantastic blues guitar player but also plays a mean flamenco, rock, prog rock, funk reggae etc…She plays with many local bands and can be seen in clubs and festivals all over the Ottawa and surrounding […]

James Cohen


James Cohen, originally a rock guitarist for over twenty-five years, has worked with such greats as Mick Ronson and has written and arranged for several bands, winning major Canadian contests as a pop-rock songwriter. His newest CD released on Northern Blues records April 2003 was produced by Richard Bell of Janis Joplin and The Band […]

Friday Featured E-Store Item

Friday Featured E-Store Item: Earl’s 5th String Suspender Capo Earl's 5th String Suspender Capo

A fantastic alternative to railroad spikes or other fifth string capos, Earl’s 5th string capo wraps around the back of the banjo neck via an elastic strap (aka suspender). It holds on to the fretboard near the 1st string and has a rubberized foot that pins the fifth string down wherever you want it.


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