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OFC Art Gallery

Now in the Art Gallery: Claudia Urbach

claudia urbach

A passion for painting is evident in her use of intense colours and vivid imagery. Her city scenes depict personal experiences that bring an eclectic, vibrant feel to the canvas. Claudia is a member of Arts Ottawa East and the Ottawa Art Association; samples of her work can be found in collections throughout Ontario, Québec, and New Brunswick.

Now in the Art Gallery: Marshal Foster

marshall foster

Marshal has been creating and training in art for the past twenty years, seeking out the best teachers available to learn from. His first instructor Douglas A. Manning, didn’t allow him to use colour for four years but instead concentrated on drawing, value, composition and the craft of creating art. After this Foster moved onto pastels and had success with wildlife paintings rendered in pastel.

Now in the Art Gallery: Christopher James

Christopher James

Christopher was born in Kampala Uganda, then via Boston, Massachusetts he came to live in Canada as a young child. He pursued his desire to become an artist and in 1993 he graduated with Honours from the OCAD Fine Arts programme. At their overseas campus in Florence he developed an enduring interest in the masters of the Italian Late Gothic, Renaissance and Mannerist periods. In Toronto, he was deeply influenced by the renowned muralist Carmen Cereceda. Concurrently he became absorbed by the works of artists such as Stanley Spencer, Paul Nash and George Grosz.

As a freelance artist and teacher Chris has developed substantial versatility relative to landscape painting, portraiture, murals and graphic design. His recent works are both traditional and loosely speaking, surrealistic. They are accomplished in various media and evoke his love of landscapes and portrait work. Evident too is his will to express in a highly individualistic manner, the intrinsic contradictions in human nature.

Now In the Art Gallery: Patrick Fraser

Patrick Fraser

Designed, Uninhibited, Branded, Laboured, Imagined, Created (DUBLIC) is the alias used by Ottawa based artist Patrick Fraser. This loose retro-inspired cartoon style, boasts a similarity to his heroes Robert Crumb & Keith Haring.

Born in London, England in 1967, Patrick, then a young boy, moved with his family to Ottawa in the mid 1970’s where he absorbed American cartoons on television and literally drew alongside in front of the screen every Saturday morning for hours. Years later, he studied art throughout his High School years and into College where he studied Graphic Design in Toronto. By the mid 1990’s, Patrick moved backed to Ottawa where he worked in local art stores. animation studios, t-shirt silkscreening shops and a 10 year career working as a Graphic Designer for Corel Corporation.

Presently, Patrick teaches children (aged 7-12 years old) Cartooning For Kids at The Nepean Visual Arts Centre.

Now in the Art Gallery: Vicky Wagner

Vicky Wagner

Vicky Wagner’s art currently focuses on detailed examination, whether of real-world objects or introspective opinions. She’s interested in how personality and emotion can affect physical appearance, and how to portray that personality in a realistic manner. It is a way to solidify and fill out ideas, to explore the detail of the objects around her, and to really know what she’s looking at or thinking about.

Now in the Art Gallery: Ted Johnson

Ted Johnson

Ted Johnson’s believes that wood cut prints have a particular effect on viewers to consider the basic elements of the scene and not to be distracted by colour. His prints have been exhibited locally in various group & solo exhibitions and are being added to private collections in Ottawa and elsewhere. His work has been featured on the CTV program Regional Contact and in publications such as Ottawa West magazine, the Orleans Star, the AOE Calendar of Events, and the FSCA magazine.

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