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Course registration and OFC event tickets can be reserved over the phone with a credit card or in person at the store. All registration deadlines are two days before the start date of the course. Registration is final with absolutely no refunds with the unique exception being a course that is cancelled due to low enrollment. Phone : 613-730-2887 extension 3.


17 Apr 2014 Intro to Bodhran
Martha Cooper
In this beginners class, we’ll learn the basics of playing the Bodhran. Martha will help you get pointed in the right direction with two of the most common bodhran rhythms: the reel and the jig. We will talk about the structure of the tunes and how to accompany them. Starts Thursday April 17th, 6:30-7:30, 4 weeks, $68 OFC member price, $80 non. GB14.04B1
18 Apr 2014 OFC closed today for Good Friday
Ottawa Folklore Centre School of Music
We’re open regular hours Saturday (9am-5:30pm), Sunday (12-5pm) & Monday (10am-9pm).
19 Apr 2014 Men.Folk.Singing.
Arthur McGregor
Men Folk Singing is a gathering of guys who want to sing. It’s not a choir, we sit in a circle and whoever wants leads a song. There’s no sheet music, or instruments – just voices. Here’s how it works: We get together once a month to sing songs in a circle, anyone can bring a song to sing. The songs should have a chorus for us to sing along with or be a song we all know. Four Rules: 1. No music – we sing from memory only. 2. No instruments – Only a Capella singing. 3. Only confident, strong singing. 4. And of course, it’s men only. It’s $5 per person and runs from 10am till noon withe a break halfway through to drink some coffee and eat some scones. Third Saturday of each month, $5, MFS2014
26 Apr 2014 Serving the Song – Ian Tamblyn Songwriting Workshop
Ian Tamblyn
“Active participation in songwriting and creative writing exercises will be part of the session. No “hits” are promised but you might get a song or two out of the experience. As well the course will take a look at some of the contemporary masters of songwriting and how their inspiration and techniques work. Songs written or brought to the course by participants will be constructively critiqued if so inclined. The course promises to be intense, stimulating and demanding.” - Ian Tamblyn Saturday April 26th, 10am-1pm. $50 Mem, $60 Non, WKSHPIAN14.04
6 May 2014 Introduction to Ukulele Song Accompaniment
Joel Jacques
Come find your musical voice through learning to sing and play the ukulele. This introduction to the Ukulele is for those picking up the ukulele for the first time. Students will learn to play as an accompaniment to voice and sing popular songs together in a group setting. We’ll cover a variety of accompaniment techniques to get you playing interesting and fun versions of songs you know and love. At least one song per week will be covered (yes, we can get you playing a song in a week!!!). Though the focus will be on playing songs together in order to learn the basic techniques of the ukulele, certain fundamentals of music will be introduced and worked through so that the ground is broken for future musical study, whether through further courses or through independent study. Students will need a Ukulele! (an optional 4 week extension is always offered at the end of each 4 week session) 4 weeks, Tuesdays, 6:00-7:00pm, $68 members, $80 non members. Starts May 6th. GUKE14.05B1
6 May 2014 Continuing Ukulele Class
Joel Jacques
Continuing ukulele with Joel Jacques is for those who have already learned to play a few songs and can change easily between several basic chords and now wish to further explore the musical possibilities of our adopted four stringed friend. A certain amount of time each class will be dedicated to examining the way various artists have used the ukulele in popular music throughout the 20th century. We’ll apply this to the repertoire we tackle together each week in class. We will begin to explore the relationships between melodies, scales and chord progressions and some basic fundamentals of music theory will be covered and applied to our arrangements. (an optional 4 week extension is always offered at the end of each 4 week session). 4 weeks, Tuesdays 7:15pm-8:15, $68 members, $80 non. Starts May 6th GUKE14.05N1
10 May 2014 Recording 101A – Demystifying The DAW – A Digital Recording Primer
Gareth Auden-Hole
Digital recording is a lot more than what software you use…In fact we do our best to all but ignore that topic. In this home recording primer we’ll take a look at the flow of sound through the audio chain of events in a typical digital recording studio. Sound moves from voice boxes vibrating microphone diaphragms to digitizing, storing, playback and eventually out of speakers and in to your ears – there’s a lot that happens in even the most basic of recording set-ups. We’ll examine each stage offering advice on making your first purchases and making the best of what you have. And of course we’ll toss in a few nuggets of recording wisdom from the pros as we go. Saturday May 10, 10am-12pm, $40 Mem ($50 non) RCD101A.14.05
10 May 2014 Recording 101B – Wood and Wires – Recording The Acoustic Guitar
Gareth Auden-Hole
Whether its a 300$ Walden or a 7000$ Boucher, good guitar tone is all about wood and wires creating auditory vibrations. But where do you put the microphone? In this second installment of the “Recording 101″ series, we’ll discuss the recording and mixing of acoustic guitars. Topics will include microphone selection, microphone placement, and the tonal anatomy of the guitar (Recording 101A is a pre-requisite for this course). Saturday May 10, 1-3pm, $40 Mem ($50 non) RCD101B.14.05

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