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Course registration and OFC event tickets can be reserved over the phone with a credit card or in person at the store. All registration deadlines are two days before the start date of the course. Registration is final with absolutely no refunds with the unique exception being a course that is cancelled due to low enrollment. Phone : 613-730-2887 extension 3.


2 Mar 2015 Beginner Ukulele Part 1
Joel Jacques
Come find your musical voice through learning to sing and play the ukulele. This introduction is for those picking up the ukulele for the first time. Participants will learn to play and sing popular songs together in a group setting. You’ll develop the basic set of skills that you’ll need to enjoy making music on the ukulele. Mondays, March 2-23, 6:00-7:00pm, 4 weeks, $68 members, ($80 non)
3 Mar 2015 Beginner Ukulele Part 2
Joel Jacques
Continue to develop the basic set of skills needed for making music on the ukulele. Variations and refinements to all of the strumming techniques learned in part 1 will be added as well as introducing some new rhythms, patterns and techniques while playing popular songs. Basic fingerpicking techniques will be reviewed plus introducing melodic playing, scales, and learning to read tablature notation. Tuesdays March 3- 24, 6:00-7:00pm, 4 weeks, $68 members, ($80 non)
7 Mar 2015 Music In Motion (for Kids 2-5 Years Old)
Connor McGuire
This course is designed to introduce kids to the very basics of counting and singing songs, as well as giving them the opportunity to get their hands on some instruments from around the world. Every week, little ones will re-visit the basics of music to assist in developing a good sense of rhythm and tone. Facilitated by Connor McGuire, fun loving musician and young-at-heart dad! Instruments are provided by the Ottawa Folklore Centre. Saturdays 10:15 – 11 a.m., March 7 – April 11, 6 weeks $60 members, $72 (non)
14 Mar 2015 Saturday Morning Uke Club (ages 4-8)
Connor McGuire
For kids who want to take the uke a step further, come along for more plunking, strumming and rocking your way through classic rock songs and modern super hits! In a fun setting, this class will be a step past the basics of chording and picking within a group setting. In the final class the kids will wow the parents with a performance! Saturdays 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m., March 14 – April 18, 6 weeks $102 members, $120 (non)
15 Mar 2015 Sunday Afternoon Uke Club (ages 4-8)
Connor McGuire
Your kids will learn to plunk, strum and rock their way through classic rock songs and modern super hits! In a fun setting this class will teach the basics of chording and picking all while getting kids comfortable with playing in a group. In the final class the kids will teach the parents a song! Sundays 1:00 – 2:00 p.m., March 14 – April 18, 6 weeks $102 members, $120 (non)
17 Mar 2015 Daytime Beginner Ukulele
Joel Jacques
Have you been wanting to take up the ukulele but have no previous experience? Need some guidance to learn the basics of making music on the ukulele? Have some time during the day? This class will be an introduction to the basics of making music with the ukulele. We will learn to accompany songs by ‘strumming/fingerpicking and singing’. We will learn to play melodies and duets, allowing our ukulele to do the singing. We will learn to play many songs, but always with the focus on learning and developing the basic repertoire of skills of playing the ukulele. Tuesdays March 17-May 5, 10:30-11:30am, 8 weeks, $136 members, ($156 non) Tuesdays May 12-June 30, 10:30-11:30am, 8 weeks, $136 members, ($156 non)
20 Mar 2015 Play O Canada at an Ottawa 67’s Game
Ottawa Folklore Centre School of Music
Come play O Canada at an Ottawa 67’s game (versus the the Peterborough Petes) Friday March 20th. All you need is a ukulele and a voice! The first 60 sign ups get a FREE ticket (with purchase of additional $20 ticket). Want to bring more than one guest? Extra tickets are available for $20 each.
13 Apr 2015 Daytime Ukulele Ensemble
Joel Jacques
Come and play your part in this Ukulele Ensemble! In this group, we will build a repertoire of two and three part pieces from classical to contemporary music over the eight weeks. The final performance will be either recorded or performed at a local venue, as determined by the group. Though not for the absolute beginner, practically all skill levels can participate. Whether you’ve ‘just started recently’ or you’ve been ‘playing for years’, there is a part for you in this ensemble. Though principally intended for participant’s enjoyment, you will also develop these skills: standard notation and/or tablature notation reading, listening skills, timing, dynamics and melodic playing up & down the fingerboard. Mondays April 13 – June 8, 1-2pm, 8 weeks, $136 members, ($156 non)
18 Apr 2015 African Drumming Workshop
Alassane Djigo
This workshop will introduce participants to the important tradition of the Senegalese drum – the sabar. A short presentation will outline the history and cultural context of the instrument as well as the structure and operation of a sabar percussion group and the course of a song. A demonstration by Alassane will make you feel the power of these African rhythms. Much of the workshop will be devoted to applied learning and gaining an understanding of the use of the stick and basic strikes. Drums are provided, max. 10 participants. Saturday April 18th, 2-4pm, $45, WKSHP15.04.18

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