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Course registration and OFC event tickets can be reserved over the phone with a credit card or in person at the store. All registration deadlines are two days before the start date of the course. Registration is final with absolutely no refunds with the unique exception being a course that is cancelled due to low enrollment. Phone : 613-730-2887 extension 3.


17 Sep 2014 Uke Club for Preteens (ages 9-12)
Joel Jacques
Ukulele Club Members will learn to play the ukulele right from the very beginning by learning to play popular songs that they know with others of their own age. Joel Jacques, an experienced music coach and teacher, will lead them right from the first few chords, to the first few songs to a full on performance with their new Ukulele Club Band. The first 4 to 5 weeks will focus on learning the basic techniques of the instrument and necessary musical concepts of ukulele accompaniment playing. A small amount of daily practice by each Club member will be expected. The final 3 – 4 weeks will focus on developing & rehearsing a short repertoire of popular songs to be chosen by the club members and performed by them for their parents & friends during the final presentation at the last class. Wednesdays, 4-5pm, 8 weeks, starting Sept. 17, $136 member price, ($156 for non OFC Members), max. 12 students. UC.09.14
17 Sep 2014 After School African Percussion (ages 9 – 15)
Zvondai Muchenje
After School African Percussion is perfect for beginners with a passion and desire to give the Djembe drum a try. This class will introduce students to the West African Djembe drumming. It will begin by developing playing technique using the two main sounds on the drum: The bass note and the open note. Students will also develop a small repertoire of rhythms, experience the art of playing a djembe solo, and learn traditional djembe pieces incorporating other African percussion instruments such as the cowbell, and gourd rattle (Shakers/Maracas). Wednesdays 4-5pm, 8 weeks, starting Sept 17, $136 member price, ($156 for non OFC Members). ASP.09.14
17 Sep 2014 Beginner Guitar for Adults (part 2)
Kurt Walther
This is a follow up course for those who have the “basics” of guitar playing. Further exploration of chording, strumming, fingerpicking and the exploration of new tunes will be covered. Wednesdays 6:30 – 7:30 pm, 8 weeks, starts Sept 17th, $136 OFC Member price ($156 non Members), max. 12 students. BG2.09.14
17 Sep 2014 Beginner Djembe
Salah Adam
Join Salah Adam for an 8 week journey into playing the djembe. There are many styles of playing this drum and Salah embodies most of them. You will learn his unique finger based rim shot, bass, distorted bass, rolls, accents, slaps and start contemplating a bit of improvising. Salah is a very mellow teacher and has a lot to offer. Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm, 8 weeks, starts Sept. 17, $136 OFC Member price ($156 non Members), max. 12 students. BD.09.14
17 Sep 2014 Beginner Guitar for Adults (part 1)
Kurt Walther
In Part 1 of Beginner Guitar for Adults, Kurt offers a relaxed experience for adults who have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Kurt will cover the basics of chording techniques, scales, strumming patterns with songs chosen by the class. No musical experience necessary. Wed 7:30-8:30 pm, 8 weeks, starts Sept 17th, $136 OFC Member price ($156 non Members), max. 12 students. BG.09.14
17 Sep 2014 Continuing Djembe
Salah Adam
Join Salah Adam for an 8 week continuation class into the art of Djembe playing. Now that you have the basic techniques and access to some of the tones, we can start to get creative with rhythms and polyrhythms, with a little more improv thrown in for good measure. Pre-requisite: you should have taken Salah’s intro class or have worked specifically with a Djembe teacher for a while. Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30pm, 8 weeks, starts Sept. 17, $136 OFC Member price ($156 non Members), max. 12 students. CD.09.14
17 Sep 2014 Performance 101
Brian Eagles
This interactive workshop is an opportunity to discuss and learn about the various techniques we can use to get acclimated and feel confident performing in front of an audience. The course will begin with group discussions about the challenges performers face. Talking points will include building your self confidence, owning your space, connecting to the material & audience, designing set lists, booking gigs and so much more. Students will have the option to perform a piece in the class. Either original or cover material of any genre (music to spoken word) in a friendly, supportive environment. Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm 8 weeks, starting Sept. 17th, $136 OFC Member price, ($156 non Members), max. 12 students. PC.09.14
18 Sep 2014 Where’d I Leave That Guitar?
Kurt Walther
“Where’d I leave that guitar” is a band program geared towards older adults who have an interest in playing in a group. Guitar, bass, and other stringed instruments as well as keyboards and drums will be welcome in this band oriented program. If you harbour a not yet realized musical interest and like to jam, these weekly one hour sessions will be your vehicle. Intermediate playing ability is an asset, unless you don’t mind being designated as the cowbell or tambourine player, or just like to hang around with bands and have a van. Thursdays 11am-noon, 8 weeks, starting Sept. 18, $136 member price, ($156 for non OFC Members), max. 12 students. WG.09.14
18 Sep 2014 After School Beginner Fiddle (ages 7 – 14)
Anna Ludlow
Come experience the true culture and fun of East Coast music. With over 17 years of teaching and 15 years of professionally performing Anna brings the East Coast flare to Ottawa with beginner youth classes. Students will learn how to hold a fiddle properly, how to bow, along with some standard beginner tunes. The session will end by learning a Cape Breton fiddle tune! Thursdays 4-5pm, 8 weeks, starting Sept 18, $136 member price, ($156 for non OFC Members). ASF.09.14
18 Sep 2014 Marimba Class
Zvondai Muchenje
Zimbabwean style marimba music is played in a group setting. The music is played on seven African-style marimbas (wooden xylophones played with rubber mallets). There is normally accompaniment of African drums and other percussion instruments such as shakers, cowbells etc. In this style of music, students will learn to listen for multiple layers of sound of varying complexity. This aids in coordination, musical memory, and development of rhythmic independence, as the students are are challenged to master parts of increasing complexity. No prior musical experience is necessary, not even background in music theory is necessary. The music will be taught through observation, listening and playing, similar to the way music is taught in Africa. The music is upbeat, highly rhythmic, and involves the cooperation of up to ten players. Thursdays 6:30 – 7:30pm, Starts Sept. 18th, 8 weeks, $136 member price, ($156 for non OFC Members). MC.09.14
18 Sep 2014 Intro to Bodhran
Alistair Dennett
In this class you’ll learn the basics of playing the Bodhran. Alistair will help you get pointed in the right direction with two of the most common bodhran rhythms: the reel and the jig. you’ll learn the structure of the tunes and how to accompany them. This is a class for absolute beginners. Thursday 7–8pm, 6 weeks, starting Sept. 18, $102 OFC Member price, ($120 non Members), max. 12 students. IB.09.14
18 Sep 2014 OFC Presents: Shawna Caspi CD Release Concert
Shawna Caspi
Celebrate the hometown CD release of Shawna Caspi’s third full-length album, “Apartments for Lovers” at the Raw Sugar Cafe (692 Somerset St W, Ottawa) w/ special guest Andrea Simms-Karp! $10 cover, doors at 8pm, show at 9pm.
20 Sep 2014 Saturday Morning Uke Club (ages 4-8)
Connor McGuire
Kids will learn to plunk, strum and rock their way through classic rock songs and modern super hits! In a fun setting, this class will teach the basics of chording and picking while getting kids comfortable playing in a group. In the final class the kids will teach the parents a song! Saturdays 11:15am-noon, 8 weeks, starting Sept. 20, $136 member price, ($156 for non OFC Members). SMU.09.14
22 Sep 2014 Daytime Ukulele Ensemble
Joel Jacques
Come and play your part in this Ukulele Ensemble! This is a casual daytime musical experience intended for retirees or flexible hour workers. In this group, we will build a repertoire of two and three part pieces from classical to contemporary music over the eight weeks. The final performance will be either recorded or performed at a local venue, as determined by the group. Though not for the absolute beginner, practically all skill levels can participate. Whether you’ve ‘just started recently’ or you’ve been ‘playing for years’, there is a part for you in this ensemble. Though principally intended for participant’s enjoyment, you will also develop these skills: standard notation and/or tablature notation reading, listening skills, timing, dynamics and melodic playing up & down the fingerboard. Mondays 1-2pm, 8 weeks, starting Sept. 22, $136 member price, ($156 for non OFC Members), max. 12 students. DUE.09.14
22 Sep 2014 After school Beginner Guitar (ages 9 – 15)
Alex Moxon
This class will focus on building a strong foundation in learning to play the guitar. No prior knowledge of the guitar is needed. By the end of the course students will have explored 10 songs that feature essential guitar skills such as strumming, picking, finger picking and learning where the notes & chords fall on the fretboard. Students will also develop the fundamental skills of playing music, which include keeping time, building chords, ensemble playing, practical theory and an introduction to improvising. The main goal of the course is to give students the tools they need to teach themselves the music they want to learn as they develop as guitar players. Mondays, 4-5pm, 8 weeks, starting Sept 22, $136 member price, ($156 for non OFC Members). ASBG.09.14
22 Sep 2014 Beginner Fiddle for Adults
Anna Ludlow
If you’ve been looking to try your hand at the fiddle, but have no experience whatsoever, this is the course for you! Squeaks and squawks are welcome. Here you will learn the basics of fiddling in a mellow supportive environment, from bowing technique & fingering to simple ornamentation. Students will also have the opportunity to try out a few basic fiddle tunes. This course is designed for the absolute, complete beginner. Mondays 7:30-8:30 pm, 8 weeks, starting Sept. 22, $136 OFC Member price, ($156 non Members), max. 12 students. BFA.09.14
23 Sep 2014 Daytime Beginner Ukulele
Joel Jacques
Have you been wanting to take up the ukulele but have no previous experience? Need some guidance to learn the basics of making music on the ukulele? Have some time during the day? Intended for retirees and flexible hour workers, this class will be an introduction to the basics of making music with the ukulele. We will learn to accompany songs by ‘strumming and signing’ and by ‘fingerpicking and singing’. We will learn to play melodies and duets, allowing our ukulele to do the singing. We will learn to play many songs, but always with the focus on learning and developing the basic repertoire of skills of playing the ukulele. Tuesdays 10-11am, 8 weeks, starting Sept. 23, $136 member price, ($156 for non OFC Members), max. 12 students. DBU.09.14
23 Sep 2014 OFC Youth Choir (ages 6-16)
Chris White
Choir leader and vocal coach Chris White leads this 8 week course for youth ages 8 to 16 who want to develop vocal skills and have fun singing together. This course will teach you how to improve your speaking and singing voice, how to sing in a group, how to connect with an audience, and how to clap on the “off” beat! The course will end with a live performance on CKCU FM. Chris is the founding artistic director of the Ottawa Folk Festival and the host of “Canadian Spaces” on CKCU FM. He directs three Ottawa choirs, including the Sparrows children’s choir. Tuesdays 4-5pm, 8 weeks, starting Sept 23, 8 weeks, $136 member price, ($156 for non OFC Members). OFCYC.09.14
27 Sep 2014 OFC Pop Up Concert – O-Town Hoedown Edition
Ottawa Folklore Centre School of Music
The O-Town Hoedown is coming back to OFC for a FREE Pop Up Concert Saturday September 27th at 1pm. This concert will feature unplugged performances by Ray Harris and Cooper MacLaren.
29 Sep 2014 Five-String Clawhammer Banjo for Beginners (Part 2)
Paul Hornbeck
This course is designed for players who have mastered the basics of clawhammer banjo. The eight-week series of lessons will focus on the “single-string” brush, double-thumbing, C and Sawmill tunings, and basic versions of well known fiddle tunes. This course should also appeal to those who want to get their licks back after an extended absence from playing clawhammer style. Mondays 6:30-7:30 pm, 8 weeks, starts Sept. 29th, $136 OFC Member price ($156 non Members), max 10 students. BCB2.09.14
29 Sep 2014 Five-String Clawhammer Banjo for Beginners (Part 1)
Paul Hornbeck
This course is designed for novice players with little or no previous experience playing the five-string banjo in clawhammer (or frailing) style. In eight weeks, students will learn the basic clawhammer strum, how to read tablature, basic chords for the open G tuning & at least two songs or tunes in that tuning, as well as some left-hand techniques such as hammer-ons, slides and pull-offs. Mondays 7:30-8:30 pm, 8 weeks, starts Sept. 29th, $136 OFC Member price ($156 non Members), max 10 students. BCB1.09.14
29 Sep 2014 Five-String Clawhammer Banjo for Advanced Players
Paul Hornbeck
Not for the frail of heart! If you can play a dozen or so fiddle tunes, at standard performance tempo, with a fair amount of double-thumbing, this one is for you. The course will focus on more complex tunes, syncopation, rock-solid rhythm, and some very interesting tunings. Mondays 8:30-9:30 pm, 8 weeks, starts Sept. 29th, $136 OFC Member price ($156 non Members), max 10 students. CBA.09.14
7 Oct 2014 OFC Choir
Ottawa Folklore Centre School of Music
Announcing 4 new exciting choirs starting the week of October 7th: The OFC Daytime Choir, The OFC Evening Choir and 2 Rise Up Singing Choirs (Thursdays and Sundays). Call 613-730-2887 for more details.

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