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Course registration and OFC event tickets can be reserved over the phone with a credit card or in person at the store. All registration deadlines are two days before the start date of the course. Registration is final with absolutely no refunds with the unique exception being a course that is cancelled due to low enrollment. Phone : 613-730-2887 extension 3.


4 Aug 2014 OFC Closed Monday August 4th for Civic Holiday
Ottawa Folklore Centre School of Music
Bonus practice day! OFC is closed for the August Civic Holiday. We will be open regular hours on Tuesday.
5 Aug 2014 OFC Summer Camps: Composition for All Instruments
Ken Kanwisher
Work with our fabulous teacher Ken, with a focus on instrumental compositions. This is a vast subject matter that has many elements for a short course so I would like to break down some of the elements of composition. This is not a theory class but some knowledge of scales & chords would be helpful. We will write some compositions as a group and individually and play them in class so bring your instrument to class. Some subjects we will be looking at are: the importance of form & structure; how time signatures effect the feel of the piece; chord progressions in major and minor keys; creating chord progressions from a melody. SUMCOMP14.08A
6 Aug 2014 OFC Summer Camps: Beginner Djembe
Salah Adam
Join Salah Adam for a four week journey into playing the djembe. There are many styles of playing this drum and Salah embodies most of them. You will learn his unique finger based rim shot, bass, distorted bass, rolls, accents, slaps and start contemplating a bit of improvising. Salah is a very mellow teacher and has a lot to offer. GDJ14.08B1
6 Aug 2014 OFC Summer Camps: Songwriting with Chris MacLean
Chris Maclean
Learn tools and tricks for sparking your creativity, getting the songwriting process in gear and connecting with your creative muse. Play with rhythm as a driving force for your songs. Learn about integrating lyrics with melody and vice versa. Edit, practice, polish and perform – the important final steps. SUMSW14.08A
6 Aug 2014 OFC Summer Camps: Continuing Djembe
Salah Adam
If you’re already playing the djembe and wish to improve your technique or just play with others, continuing djembe is for you! GDJ14.08N1
7 Aug 2014 OFC Summer Camps: Stringband w/ Ann Downey
Ann Downey
Do you play fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar or bass, and want to play old-time music with others? Here’s your chance. While giving a nod to some of the classic old time American string -bands, this “string-band” class will get you playing, singing and generally having a good time making music together. Bring instruments, and a couple of tunes / songs, and we’ll see what we can do. If you play multiple instruments, you may want to take the road less traveled, (i.e. not too many guitars) to help with the variety of sound and texture. Non-string instruments are welcome too, though we reserve the right to ration and re-direct multiple percussion instruments (washboard, bodhran, spoons, etc.). SUMSB14.08A
7 Aug 2014 OFC Summer Camps: Guitar Choir
Kurt Walther
Guitar Choir is a set of four sessions geared towards performance of a four to ten piece guitar choir. We will create pieces using layered rhythmic motifs from various cultures and many approaches to chord and scale construction. We will look at various techniques for layering guitars, including some African, Caribbean and Central and South American styles, as well as more modern approaches, such as those of Robert Fripp, Terry Riley and Philip Glass. An intermediate knowledge of how to play the guitar will be necessary for participation in this program. GGC14.08A1
11 Aug 2014 OFC Summer Camps: Campfire in the City
Dave Schroeder
This class will show students how to play with confidence and conviction, whether performing in public, playing at an open stage jam session or having fun with music amongst family and friends. Topics include dynamics, sound projection, interaction with other musicians, time concepts, feel, stylistic interpretation and how to lead a group of friends in a jam session or sing-a-long. Whether you play in pubs, at campfires or in just in front of your dog, this class can help you improve your performance! SUMCF14.08

Friday Featured E-Store Item

Friday Featured E-Store Item: Folks For The Folklore Centre Tickets FundraisingPoster_new venue8*11

Borealis Records presents Folks for the Folklore Centre – an evening in support of the Ottawa Folklore Centre July 31st at 7:30pm at Southminster United Church at 15 Aylmer at Bank. The concert will feature performances by Lynn Miles, Sneezy Waters, James Keelaghan, Terry Tufts & Kathryn Briggs, Finest Kind with James Stephens and a bevy of OFC’s friends & teachers. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased by phone at 613-730-2887, in person at OFC (1111 Bank St) or on our e-store.


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