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Join The Terry Penner Choir At The 2012 Ottawa Folk Festival!


Join the Terry Penner Choir at the 2012 Ottawa Folk Festival

Andy Rush is back at the festival this year and wants to make the choir something extra special this time around. Read on and check out a great new approach from Andy!

“Hello Choral Music Friends!  I’ve been asked again to conduct the Terry Penner Weekend Choir for the Ottawa Folk Festival this September!  The festival is going through a time of change and we have the opportunity to inject a huge grass roots musical infusion.  I’d like to kind of ‘make a statement’ with this day.

* The festival opens at noon on Sunday, but we ( a secretly convened choir of about 80 ‘ringers’) will meet at 10 am, on the ‘free’ side of the festival grounds that morning.  We’ll rehearse three songs – up, fun and easy enough that we can really get it done in about an hour and a half of fun rehearsal time.

* We’ll also have an open, hour long ‘rehearsal’ for any festival participant, friend, whatever, at 1 pm, but we’ll already have a super start on the music. This will grow us to maybe a hundred strong.

* at about  3:30 we’ll rove the site doing impromptu performances everywhere, especially near the borders and near the entry line up for the ‘paid’ side. (this is a choral guerilla operation – a sort of ‘here we are’ ).

* I’ll set up a band and make sure we have awesome back up when we need it.

* I think our show will be about 7 pm, that Sunday night, Main Stage. Get in, knock ‘em on their butt. get out.

Please spread the word. Any past choir members who might know me, any of the Haliburton, Rajaton, Ottawa Folklore Centre, whatever crowd…, shake the tree, we’ll have a very fun day.

See you at the Festival.


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