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Guitar Building – Part 1

A guitar built in the Ottawa Folklore Centre Repair Shop

It’s easy to take guitars for granted and imagine them being plucked, fully built, from some big guitar tree.

Instead, Guitar building is a painstaking craft that takes time, focus, and a deep knowledge of the materials involved.  Larger companies such as Walden or Larrivée have the process down to a science.  Instruments are built by small teams of people who work together and put their collective effort into each guitar.

Repair Guru Brian Dubbledam has built his share of instruments.  Eager to share his passion for all-things-with-strings, Brian frequently takes on co-op students and passes on what he knows to this young generation of guitar enthusiasts.

The steel-string guitar featured in the picture above was built in Brian’s repair shop last year after a successful co-op.  The same student has returned and is currently building a classical guitar.

As the instrument progresses we’ll be taking photos and making posts.  You’ll be able to watch the guitar being built from the comfort of your home!  Stay tuned for part 2 where we get into the nitty gritty of how to begin building a guitar!

Building a guitar in the Ottawa Folklore Centre Repair Shop

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