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Linda Greene-Finestone and Lina Yachnin

Come on in and check out the work of these two excellent artists. Show ends Jan 2,2012!
Artist’s statement – Linda Greene-Finestone. I come to painting to achieve a sense of discovery and realization. In painting, I strive to convey feelings – calm, grounding, expansiveness, energy. These sentiments may exist singly, offering a sense of unity, or multiply – embracing poles of a dimension – within a single painting.


   Every piece is a new encounter of paint to canvas, an experiment of sorts. I approach each work with minimal plan; the work develops as it unfolds itself to me.  I work with acrylic paints for their versatility. In my abstract works the paint achieves flatness whereas it is built up with moulding pastes in the more representational works in this exhibit.


    My work is a mélange of different styles from landscape to still life, to movement to the abstract. In the abstract works, geometric shapes play a dominant role and are largely flat planes. Colour is often intense, with the strongest influences coming from nature – greens, blues, red. Leaves, trees, flowers, water, bog, and sky are influential to the patterns of my painting and I seek to explore how these manifestations within nature can be interpreted with different approaches.

Lina Yachnin: Artists Statement


    Lina was born in Iraq, grew up in Montreal and graduated with a Bachelor of Education from McGill University. She was a special education teacher for six years in Toronto.


   Lina started painting 18 years ago while raising her four boys. She began painting folkart pieces in acrylic. Her interests soon changed to oils and watercolour. She studied watercolour with Katherine Taylor, Morton Baslaw, Leonard Gerbrandt and oils with Robert Hyndman at the Ottawa School of Art.


The florals and landscapes of Algonquin Park, the Gatineau hills and the many other places where she has canoed and hiked with her family inspire her work. She has her fellowship status with the Ottawa Watercolour Society and has been honored with the Jurors Award.


Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, the U.S., Sweden, Latvia and China.


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