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Friday Featured E-Store Item: Kala Exotic Mahogany Ukuleles

Kala Exotic Mahogany Ukuleles

Kala’s Exotic Mahogany ukulele series are available in blue, green, and magenta. These ukes are made from specially selected wood, cut in a unique fashion which produces a number of distinctive grain patterns with variations that include a curly, flamed, streaked, or spotted appearance. The top, back and sides are made of exotic mahogany wood which is highlighted by a satin finish. Features include black binding on the top and back, a rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

OFC Holiday Hours

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OFC will be closed Friday April 18th and open regular hours Saturday (9am-5:30pm), Sunday (12pm-5pm) and Monday (10am-9pm).

New Workshop Added: Recording 101 – Saturday May 10th

Recording 101

Are you a closet home-recordist? Got microphones on the brain? OFC’s Recording 101 offers a mix of instruction and open discussion.

Both workshops (101A: Demystifying The DAW & 101B: Wood and Wires) are led by Professional Audio Engineer, Musician & Producer Gareth Auden-Hole of weeVOXsound keeping things involved through hands-on demonstrations, open questioning and an emphasis on making the best of what’s available.

Intro to Bodhran – Starts Thursday, April 17th

Intro to Bodhran

In this beginners class, we’ll learn the basics of playing the Bodhran. Martha will help you get pointed in the right direction with two of the most common bodhran rhythms: the reel and the jig. We will talk about the structure of the tunes and how to accompany them.

Serving the Song – Ian Tamblyn Songwriting Workshop Sat. April 26th

serving the song

“Active participation in songwriting and creative writing exercises will be part of the session. No “hits” are promised but you might get a song or two out of the experience. As well the course will take a look at some of the contemporary masters of songwriting and how their inspiration and techniques work. Songs written or brought to the course by participants will be constructively critiqued if so inclined. The course promises to be intense, stimulating and demanding.”

- Ian Tamblyn

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